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S321 from Hemisphere

TransiTiva staff have over 35 years combined experience in the field of GPS/GNSS distribution and supply. Our clients know that they can trust our dedicated team to provide them with the best products and the most cutting-edge technologies available in the GPS/GNSS industry. We care for our clients, and we’ll continue to meet their needs, even after the sale is final.

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TransiTiva: Your OEM GNSS Distributor

Here at TransiTiva, our staff is proud to offer several technologies that will provide you with precise, accurate positioning and heading information for any and all dynamic applications. TransiTiva: Your OEM GNSS Distributor TransiTiva is proud to be a top supplier of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) GNSS equipment for both public and private organizations across North America. We offer industry leading GPS and GNSS products and solutions sourced from the most reputable and trusted manufacturers. In order to meet the ever-changing requirements of our wide customer base, we consistently remain on the cutting-edge of positioning and navigation technologies.

TransiTiva has been in the GPS and GNSS industry since 2008. We have always recognized the growing need for accurate position, timing, and navigation information in nearly every sector, and we’re committed to helping our customers meet this need with high-quality, high-performing GNSS solutions.

At TransiTiva, the customer comes first, and our qualified staff are always prepared to offer their technical expertise and support to ensure that our clients choose the technology that will best suit their unique needs and budget. From GNSS OEM boards and receivers to development kits, positioning and heading smart antenna, and other accessories, we’re confident that together we can find what you’re looking for. The best part? Our impressive inventory means that delivery will be fast, so your business won’t have to wait.

TransiTiva’s vision is to enhance society through innovative navigation technologies through practical solutions that sustain the economy, society, and the environment. We’re proud of our GPS and GNSS products, and we believe in quality over quantity, so we consistently carry the latest products and technologies from top industry manufacturers.

We’re confident that our range of products and manufacturer information speaks for itself, but if you require additional product information, don’t hesitate to contact us today. We look forward to becoming your trusted GNSS solution provider!

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