Privacy Policy

What personal information does TransiTiva collect?

TransiTiva is committed to respecting the privacy of our web site users, our current clients, our prior clients, our future clients, as well as our staff. We are committed to keeping the personal information we gather accurate, confidential, secure and private at all times. This commitment applies to that information which is collected by TransiTiva to facilitate our business services as well as the accumulation of data from prospective employees and clients.

Personal information is any information that is used to identify you, or by which your identity can be deduced. Personal information that TransiTiva collects:

  • Facts about Internet usage, both historic and current;
  • Facts about payment for services, including general financial information;
  • Customer’s name and address and other client contact information;
  • Contact and reference information from those seeking information about our products and/or services;
  • Customer login and preference information related to opt-in electronic products and services the customer has selected to receive.

TransiTiva requires this information in order to provide its services to clients and to conduct ongoing resource requirements in order to maintain business support and service levels.

How does TransiTiva use this information?

When an individual or organization engages TransiTiva for information or services, TransiTiva will identify the purposes for which TransiTiva is requesting the personal information. If TransiTiva identifies other purposes for which the personal information may be used, TransiTiva will seek the individual’s consent prior to such use. TransiTiva will advise that it is the individual’s right to refuse permission for TransiTiva to use personal information for any new purposes.

Additional purposes for collecting personal information may be identified to an individual before or at the time of collection. However, at a minimum TransiTiva will collect personal information for the following purposes:

  • To establish and maintain effective communication and provide on-going service;
  • To establish contacts for service, billing and collection of payment;
  • To meet legal, regulatory and settlement requirements.

How does TransiTiva collect this information?

TransiTiva collects your information by lawful and fair means using physical or electronic methods. We collect information directly from you at the start of our contact and throughout the course of our engagement. We receive personal information through our website, telephone, and direct mail. In all instances, personal information is voluntarily submitted by you.

Does TransiTiva share your information?

TransiTiva does not and will not disclose your information to any third party to enable them to market their products and services to you other than those purposes to which you have granted us permission. TransiTiva may share your information with third parties as required by the act, as required to conduct or support business services with you, or with your consent otherwise.

We may aggregate and share aggregate information stripped of any personally identifiable information. We also provide information to third parties on a strictly confidential basis, to distribute information (e-mails, surveys, and letters) and conduct services on our behalf.

TransiTiva provides information about and links to other organizations on our website. TransiTiva does not take any responsibility for the privacy policies of these organizations.

How can you access, modify or delete your information?

All the information TransiTiva collects is available on our internal network systems. You can contact TransiTiva by phone, email, or postal mail to request to review and edit the information we have collected and maintain on or about you.

How is your data protected?

At TransiTiva we are committed to maintain the privacy and security of your information. All reasonable precautions are taken to ensure that your personal information is kept safe from loss, unauthorized access, modification or disclosure.

Where can you find TransiTiva’ privacy policy?

Our privacy policy is conveniently located on our website at

If you have more questions, who do you contact?

If you have more questions you can email us at [javascript protected email address].

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