Hemisphere GPS - Crescent Vector OEM Board

Hemisphere GPS – Crescent Vector OEM Board

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The Crescent Vector OEM Module is a complete GPS compass and positioning system designed primarily for the Marine market but very applicable to other markets.


A New Standard of Performance

Crescent® receivers feature Hemisphere’s exclusive application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) computer chipset technology. They establish a new benchmark for performance, versatility and value.

They deliver higher update rates, noise-reduced raw measurements, more memory and higher processor capability, to enable more advanced applications and sophisticated configurations.

Crescent receivers also simultaneously employ multiple front ends – enabling tighter coupling of measurements from separate antennae for use with heading-based products. Users will obtain excellent accuracy and stability, due to Crescent’s more accurate code phase measurements, multipath mitigation improvements, and fewer discrete receiver components.

The first Crescent receiver to employ the Hemisphere ASIC is the Crescent OEM module – an integrated circuit board for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

Since then, Hemisphere has introduced the Crescent Vector OEM module – an integrated circuit board for OEMs specializing in products for Marine applications as well as Agriculture and “Machine Control” applications.

Crescent technology is the front-end component in a variety of high-performance innovations that Hemisphere GPS is developing for several increasingly popular applications including agricultural guidance and machine control, marine navigation and GIS & mapping. The technology can achieve update rates of as much as 20 Hz – making it ideal for these applications.

Crescent™ receivers feature:

  • Hemisphere’s exclusive Coast™ software that enables receivers to utilize old Differential GPS (DGPS) correction data for 40 minutes or more without significantly affecting the accuracy of positioning – a big advantage during temporary signal blockages or outages
  • Optional e-Dif® software available exclusively from Hemisphere that enables receivers to achieve Differential-quality positioning accuracies without needing an external DGPS signal – ideal for regions where Differential broadcasts are not available, or available only by subscription
  • Optional L-Dif® software available exclusively from Hemisphere that enables decimeter-level positioning accuracies anywhere in the world – ideal for Precision Agriculture
  • Low power consumption – ideal for mobile and battery-powered applications
  • Outstanding performance in Differential GPS environments
  • Small size for versatile integration
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