Hemisphere GPS - DGPS MAX

Hemisphere GPS – DGPS MAX

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The high-accuracy DGPS MAX provides real-time corrected positions virtually anywhere on the planet using its built-in GPS, WAAS, OmniSTAR and Beacon capability.


The CSI Wireless DGPS MAX is a high-accuracy GPS receiver that incorporates internal sensors capable of receiving corrections from Space Based Augmentation Systems (SBAS), the worldwide OmniSTAR service, and DGPS beacon stations. When using any of these services, the DGPS MAX provides sub-meter accuracy at position update rates of up to five times per second (5 Hz). To further deliver on its promise of performance, the DGPS MAX features advanced COASTâ„¢ technology that enables it to use old correction data for a half hour or longer without significant degradation of accuracy.

Space Based Augmentation Systems (SBAS) include the US FAA’s Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS), the European Commission’s European GPS Navigation Overlay System (EGNOS), and the Japan Civil Aviation Bureau’s MTSAT Satellite Augmentation System (MSAS). Each of these SBAS services is free and interoperable, providing coverage for most of North America, most of Europe, and Japan, respectively. The OmniSTAR service requires a subscription and provides coverage throughout most of the world except for some very Northern and very Southern regions. Similar to the MBX-3S, ABX-3, and SBA-1, the DGPS MAX’s internal SBX beacon module provides free corrections when operating in range of worldwide beacon networks.

The DGPS MAX is built around a derivative of the SLX-2 module that incorporates an on-board menu system controller. To receive DGPS beacon signals, the CSI Wireless beacon receiver is mounted on the SLX-2 inside the DPGS MAX. The built-in menu system provides convenient access to receiver operating parameters and status. While easy to use, this menu is more sophisticated than that offered with the MBX-3S and with the GBX products, due to the added system capability. The enhancements include the new Setup Wizard that enables users to recall pre-programmed operational profiles with just a few keystrokes, reconfiguring the receiver smoothly and efficiently for a variety of specific tasks.

The DGPS MAX is very similar to the Satloc SLXg3 and SLXg3 COMBO, with the major difference being the MAX’s more sophisticated menu system. The SLXg3 and SLXg3 COMBO receivers don’t incorporate a menu system and instead provide diagnostic indicator LED’s on the front panel. Another difference is the MAX’s use of separate power and data connectors, whereas the SLXg3 products use a single military connector for their power and data interface.

The DGPS MAX requires power and antenna input, and serial connection to a data logging device or navigation system. It is designed for easy use with the CDA-3 antenna.

We also offer PocketMAX, a free Windows PocketPC utility software, and PocketMAX PC, software that runs on any PC or laptop computer with a Windows Operating System (2000, ME or XP versions). PocketMAX and PocketMAX PC are designed for use with the DGPS MAX.

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