Hemisphere GPS - LX-1 Board

Hemisphere GPS – LX-1 Board

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The LX-1 L-Band Option Board delivers sub meter accuracy for OmniSTAR subscribers when combined our with Crescent GPS OEM boards.


Improve GPS positioning accuracy by adding differential capability with Hemisphere GPS’s LX-1 OEM Board. Coupled with Hemisphere GPS’s exclusive Crescent OEM board, the LX-1 receives OmniSTAR differential signals that improve positioning to less than a meter. OmniSTAR broadcasts via satellite differential signal corrections covering most land areas worldwide. It is an ideal alternative or back-up to other differential sources such as SBAS (WAAS, EGNOS, MSAS, etc.) and radiobeacon especially in regions where those signals are diffi cult or impossible to track.

The LX-1 automatically tracks the best differential satellite broadcast if more than one is available in a particular region or tracks a specific satellite manually set by the user.

The LX-1 comes paired with the Crescent OEM board for optimal performance. Integration of the two boards is simplified as they are exactly the same size and connect directly to each other.

Key LX-1 Advantages

  • Sub-meter accuracy and versatility when combined with our Crescent GPS board
  • Automatic differential satellite tracking – no manual tracking frequency adjustment
  • OmniSTAR subscriber access permits remote activation via satellite uplink Convenient integration with Crescent GPS board
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