Hemisphere GPS - PocketMAX

Hemisphere GPS – PocketMAX

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PocketMAX is a free Windows PocketPC utility software designed for use with CSI Wireless SLX and SX-1 based products, including the Mini MAX, DGPS MAX, Vector, Vector Sensor, Vector Lite and PowerMAX.


Because PocketMAX was not designed for any specific product, it supports features not offered by every product, such as tracking of the OmniSTAR differential service and display of our Vector product’s true heading. However, the interface may be used for all I/O operations.

PocketMAX provides the following flexibility to:

  • Tune your beacon, WAAS and OmniSTAR receivers
  • Monitor beacon, WAAS and OmniSTAR reception
  • Configure GPS message output and port settings
  • Configure and monitor Vector related settings
  • Record various types of data

PocketMAX runs on any PDA with PocketPC 2000, 2002 or 2003.

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