Hemisphere GPS - R131 DGPS Receiver

Hemisphere GPS – R131 DGPS Receiver

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Complete your work quickly and accurately with the Hemisphere R131 DGPS receiver available at Transitiva.com.


Complete your work quickly and accurately with the R131™ DGPS receiver. Rely on consistent sub-meter performance with standard SBAS differential and Hemispheres’ exclusive COAST™ technology that maintains accuracy during temporary loss of differential signal.

The R131 provides new and convenient physical advantages, including a new design with a rack mountable enclosure, front facing display, 1PPS output via an SMA connector, and a new soft power switch in lieu of the traditional mechanical power switch. The soft switch allows for ease of use when turning the R131 on/off, when the R131 is rack mounted. In addition to the new features, a new metal power connector has been added to provide a durable connection.

The R131 offers many differential correction options such as SBAS, OmniSTAR®, radio-beacon, and e-Dif® for various environments and worldwide coverage. It is also RTK upgradable. The simple user interface and extensive software features make the R131 the ideal solution for professional mapping, guidance and navigation applications.

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