Hemisphere GPS - R220 GPS Receiver

Hemisphere GPS – R220 GPS Receiver

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The R220 GPS Receiver is the first finished product to be powered by Eclipse, Hemispheres’ patented dual frequency technology. The R220 GPS Receiver provides extremely accurate, versatile, and robust positioning, in virtually any environment.


The Hemisphere R220 GPS Receiver features RTK (Real Time Kinematic) for fast, reliable, long range centimeter level performance. It also tracks GPS, SBAS (Satellite-Based Augmentation System), and L-Band (OmniSTAR® HP/XP) differential corrections to provide high precision positioning. Utilizing Hemispheres’ exclusive COAST™ technology, the R220 GPS Receiver can provide accurate positioning data for up to 40 minutes of differential correction outage. It supports RTCM v3/CMR+ standard RTK message formats, making the R220 receiver compatible with CORS and other RTK base station networks. It also uses a standard USB flash drive for data logging.

Powered by Eclipse.

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