Hemisphere GPS - VS100 Series

Hemisphere GPS – VS100 Series

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The Crescent VS100 DGPS + Heading Receiver (GPS) SBAS is a professional heading and positioning receiver.


Precise applications demand the heading and positioning performance of the Crescent VS100 Series GPS Compass. Ideal for professional machine control and navigation applications, the Crescent VS100 delivers reliable accuracy at significantly less cost than competitors products or traditional methods. The Crescent VS100 receiver with its display and user interface can be conveniently installed near the operator. The two antennas are mounted separately and with a distance between them to meet the desired accuracy.

Key Crescent VS100 Series Advantages

  • Affordable solution delivers 2D GPS heading accuracy better than 0.1 degree rms
  • Differential positioning accuracy of less than 60 cm, 95% of the time
  • Integrated gyro and tilt sensor deliver fast start-up times and provide heading updates during temporary loss of GPS
  • Fast heading and positioning output rates up to 20 Hz
  • Differential options including SBAS (WAAS, EGNOS, etc.
  • COASTâ„¢ technology maintains accurate solutions for 40 minutes or more after loss of differential signal
  • The status lights and menu system make the VS100 Series easy to monitor and configure
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