Juniper Systems Archer Longbow

Juniper Systems Archer Longbow

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Juniper Systems Archer Longbow combines an Archer Field PC, GPS receiver, 3D compass, digital camera and laser rangefinder.



Archer Longbow from Juniper Systems captures verifiable field GIS data rapidly and safely. It is fast, long-range,
tough, small, light and accurate. Longbow’s innovative “point and shoot” laser GPS technology allows field users to remotely
capture positional data for any target up to 1000 meters distant, keeping the user safe and boosting efficiency by significantly reducing field time.

Simply point the Archer Longbow at a target up to a kilometer away, push a button to capture the target’s GPS coordinate plus a picture of the target. The Archer Longbow records a verifiable, precise geo-tagged digital image with crosshairs along with descriptive information superimposed on the target’s image. These data are immediately available for mobile GIS such as ESRI ArcPad 8.0, or user application programs.

The Juniper Systems Archer Longbow is available in three models to fit your image resolution and long-distance targeting needs. The laser rangefinder is available in 100 meters, 300 meters and 1,000
meters versions.

Applications abound in situations where targets are difficult to reach or safety is a concern including: asset management, research, insurance assessment,
environmental work, disaster relief, and military engineering. Use it in your agency or industry to improve your mobile GIS productivity.


John Florio from Juniper Systems introduces the
Archer Longbow.

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