Tallysman VeraPhase® 6000 Antenna

VeraPhase® 6000 Antenna – High Precision Full GNSS Spectrum Antenna

The patented VeraPhase® 6000 antenna Series is a full GNSS spectrum antenna plus L-Band corrections services. The performance of the VeraPhase® rivals any geodetic/reference antennas, including choke ring antennas, but is lighter, smaller, more economical, and requires less power.



The patented VeraPhase® 6000 series offers performance that rivals any geodetic, reference, or choke ring antenna, and delivers full GNSS spectrum coverage. But that’s not all: the VeraPhase® 6000 series also includes L-Band corrections services, and is available in a lighter and smaller package than you’d expect. This economical design draws less power than other antennae.


The VeraPhase® 6000 series antenna is a versatile product, and is suitable for a variety of applications, including:

  • RTK/PPP systems;
  • Reference networks;
  • Monitoring stations; and
  • Other high-precision applications, such as survey and customs OEM products


  • Axial ratio: 2 dB max from horizon to horizon
  • Very Tight Phase Center Variation (<1mm)
  • Low current (35mA or 45mA)
  • Space in housing for integrated L1/L2 receivers RTK or other OEM system.


  • Broadest tracking elevation (0° – 180°)
  • Extreme precision
  • Excellent multi-path rejection
  • Great signal to noise ratio
  • IP67, REACH, and RoHS compliant

Download Tallysman’s Veraphase 6000 – White Paper

Technical Specifications

Antenna Gain: 5 dBic to 7 dBic (all frequency bands)
Frequency Bandwidth: 1164 -1300 MHz plus 1525 – 1559 MHz plus 1559 – 1610 MHz
Axial Ratio (over full bandwidth):  0.5 dB at zenith, 2 dB max at horizon
Phase Center Variation: ± 1 mm across all frequencies
Size (D x H ): 167 mm x 124.5 mm – see datasheet for details
Weight: <670 g
Operating temperature: -40°C to 85°C

The VeraPhase® 6000 provides consistent performance (gain, axial ratio, PCV, and PCO) across the antenna’s full bandwidth with the lowest axial ratios (horizon to horizon, over all azimuths) across all GNSS frequencies. It has exceptional front-to-back ratios, high efficiency, a tight PCV, and near-constant PCO for all azimuth and elevation angles, over all in-band frequencies.

The VP6000 provides high receive gain over the full GNSS spectrum: Low GNSS band (1164MHz to 1300MHz) L-band correction services (1525MHz to 1559MHz) and High GNSS band (1559MHz to 1610 MHz). Available with a number of robust, pre-filtered LNA variants, each with high IP3 to minimize de-sensing from high-level out-of-band signals, including 700MHz LTE, while still providing a noise figure of less than 2.5dB.

This antenna has been calibrated by both NGS (Relative Calibration) and by GEO++ (Absolute Calibration). The IGS antenna correction model is available at (antenna name is TWIVP6000):

The NGS data (supplied by GEO+=) are available here: ANTEX Absolute Calibration file


The VeraPhase® 6000 Antenna is available through TransiTiva. If you would like to learn more about it, please use the Request Pricing form to get in touch with us.

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