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Swift Navigation – Piksi Multi Evaluation Kit

The Swift Navigation Piksi Multi Evaluation Kit is a comprehensive Piksi testing kit, ideal for most applications. The Evaluation Kit contains everything you’ll need for rapid RTK prototyping.  Testing and evaluation have never been easier. 



The comprehensive Swift Navigation Piksi Multi Evaluation Kit lets you test Piksi for your specific application. The kit contains everything you need for fast RTK setup. Prototyping, testing, and evaluation are easy and effective.

The kit includes:

  • Piksi Multi L1/L2 GNSS Modules (2)
  • A pair of Evaluation Boards
  • 2 high-quality survey-grade GNSS antennas
  • 2 high-performance, industrial 915 MHz FreeWave® radios (with effective ranges up to 15 kilometers, or approximately 10 miles)
  • Cables and accessories to ensure a successful assessment

Radios in the Evaluation Kit are available in 2.4GHz. This is ideal for European countries that don’t allow 915 MHz versions. This means license-free operation.

Technical Specifications

For more details on the Piksi Multi, please download the datasheet on this page.


Want to learn more about the Swift Navigation Piksi Multi Eval Kit? Fill out the Request Pricing Form to contact us. We’re happy to provide more details and pricing information.

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